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Archie Manning, Father of Peyton and Eli, Early Life Bio As Quarterback For the Ole Miss Rebels

Archie Manning is a football player how became famous in the late 1960s for his quarterbacking abilities. Nearly 30 years later Archie Manning reemerged in the limelight as the father of two high profile quarterbacking sons who would go onto win Super Bowls in the NFL. This article takes a look at the early life of Archie Manning through his time playing college football at Ole Miss.

Southern Football Fans Favorite Player – Archie Manning, New Orleans Saints Quarterback

Archie Manning is famous to a younger generation for being the father of Super Bowl MVPs Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. This article looks at the original notoriety that Archie Manning received by being a top prospect and very popular member of the New Orleans Saints of the NFL.

How to Benefit From Your Flag Football Playbook

NFL teams may be able to run their plays through radio headsets, but that’s a luxury out of the reach of flag football teams. But flag football coaches, quarterbacks, and players need ways to coordinate their plays and routes just as much as their NFL counterparts do. And using a playbook and wrist coach is one of the most convenient and effective ways to do so.

Dennis Erickson, Head Football Coach Arizona State University (ASU) – Coaching Bio in NFL & College

Dennis Erickson is the current head football coach at Arizona State University (ASU). This article briefly discusses his coaching career.

Your First Practice

When you take your team out onto the practice field for the first time, you should have them all sit in a circle on the grass and say something about themselves. Give them an opportunity to get to know each other a little bit. Find out if any of them have any prior experience. Ask each of them what position they enjoy playing.

Ricky Williams Played in the Canadian Football League (CFL) For the Toronto Argonauts in 2006

Ricky Williams is an accomplished NFL football player that played one season in the Canadian Football League (CFL) for the Toronto Argonauts in 2006. The events surrounding Ricky playing in the much lower profile CFL rather than the illustrious NFL are very unique to his particular situation which involved being suspended for the 2006 NFL season by the league for repeatedly violating the substance abuse policy.

Is Bob Stoops Over Paid, Under Paid, Or Fairly Compensated at the University of Oklahoma (OU)?

Bob Stoops is an accomplished football coach at the University of Oklahoma. This article discusses two different view points as to whether or not his $5 million annual salary plus benefits is justified.

Rudy Ruettiger is the Famous Notre Dame Walk on Football Player That the Movie Rudy is Based On

Rudy is a well known movie about a walk on football player at the University of Notre Dame. The movie was released in 1993. This article briefly gives some background on the true story that the movie was based on.

Sam Bradford – Right Handed Quarterback From Oklahoma City Played For University of Oklahoma (OU)

Sam Bradford is a famous quarterback who played college football at the University of Oklahoma (OU). This article very briefly discusses the life of the right handed quarterback.

Is the I Formation Good For Youth Football?

A recent question from one of our readers asked  if the I formation was a good formation to run at the youth football level.  We love the I formation, in fact one of our coaches started 11-0 last year with the exact offense show in the Power I playbook on the site.

Spokane Ready to Shock the Arena Football League

I wanted to find out what, if any difference there might be in the talent of the teams from AF2 and the returning AFL squads. The best way to do that would be by speaking with the most successful AF2 team that is making the transition.

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