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Notre Dame Football Recruiting – How it Has Improved

Have you become a Notre Dame Football fan or are you a die hard like me? There are some great things about being a fan of Notre Dame and just like with any other team there are some times when you want to fire the entire staff and start over. Here is what I think about the recent Notre Dame football recruiting.

Notre Dame Football and Why They Never Get Picked

If you are a Notre Dame Fan, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Ever since Charlie Weis came into town the critics have been deciding that Notre Dame was nothing to be worried about. This has actually been going on for quite a while before Weis, but they still do it

Notre Dame Football – How Will They Do This Year (2008)?

Most of my writing has to do with subjects that I have researched for many hours or things that I have quite a bit of knowledge about. I love football and Notre Dame Football has been a passion of mine for many years. I actually refuse to work on Saturdays because I will not miss a game.

Notre Dame Football Team and Why They Lost Against North Carolina

Have you become as annoyed as I have with Notre Dame Football? I am a huge fan of Notre Dame and will always love the Irish, but I am very frustrated with the loss to North carolina. They lost for the same reason they tried to blow the game against Stanford. Here is my evaluation of the games.

USC Trojans – The Greatest Teams in the History of College Football

Since the birth of American Football, college football teams have been the ones who have captured the attention of the nation to the sport. Today, college football is one of the most popular sports in the country. It attracts millions of viewers nationwide and is broadcast live one national and international television.

Texas Longhorns – A Perennial Powerhouse

From the time it was established, University of Texas Football Team the Texas Longhorns has had maintained and sustained its great success. It is a major powerhouse when it comes to football, producing outstanding players and unforgettable games. Today the Longhorns is considered to be one of the best college football teams in the country.

Wisconsin Badgers – Wisconsin’s Pride – The Wisconsin Badgers Football Team

The Wisconsin Badgers is the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s football team. They are a member of the Big 10 conference and compete at the Football Bowl Division, the highest level in the NCAA competition. Their lovable and sometime rowdy mascot is named Bucky.

West Virginia Mountaineers – The Most Successful College Football Team, Yet Not Quite

The West Virginia Mountaineers, West Virginia University’s (WVU’s) football team is one of the most successful in the history of the game yet has never won a national championship. How did this happen? As of 2008, the Mountaineers have won thirteen conference championships and are considered the “winningest” team in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

Virginia Tech Hokies – Resilient Late Bloomers

Form the time they played their first football game in 1892, the Virginia Tech Hokies developed from a mediocre college football program to one of the best in the country. Under head coach Frank Beamer, the Hokies have consistently won in national conference championships. Today, they have the third longest streak in bowl game participation.

College Football – All 3 Main Washington Teams Get Scorched, Outscored by Only 140-7

The State of Washington’s three main football teams-the Washington Huskies, the Washington State Cougars and the Seattle Seahawks-all lost last weekend by a combined score of 140-7 (not a misprint). How bad is it? Read it and weep.

College Football – Swenson’s Last Second Field Goal Lifts Michigan State Over Wisconsin

A great special teams player can win you a critical game when your offense is staggering and your defense is stalled. Meet Brett Swenson, a 5-foot-8, 169-pound junior kicker out of St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Pompano Beach (FL). He put his foot down in the Michigan State-Wisconsin game Saturday (11-1-08) with 7 seconds left and kicked a 44-yard field goal to lift the Spartans to a 25-24 victory.

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