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Helmet Stickers, Though Well Intentioned, Send The Wrong Message

If you have watched college or high school football games before, there’s a good chance you have noticed that many players’ helmets have extra little stickers on them. Some players – usually the quarterback’s or running backs’ – helmets are covered in them. They are awarded for various accomplishments ranging from making a big play to scoring a touchdown or causing a turnover etc.

Mr Clutch?

Talk about a choke job. Tom Brady, Mr. Clutch, Mr. Postseason, Mr. Best-QB-Ever-When-The-Game-Is-On-The-Line came up short on Sunday against the Jets in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. Brady lost his third consecutive playoff game, his second in a row at home, with all three losses coming against an underdog. If this was you know who, this game would be just another example of his inability to come through in the big moments. But since this is Tom Brady, what do we hear? Belichick got outcoached. The Patriots’ receivers were covered. Anything to absolve Brady of blame for Sunday’s loss.

What Happened at Halftime?

At halftime the Ravens were up 21-7 and looked to defeat their Division rival for a chance to play in the AFC Championship game. The only problem is something happened in the locker room. What was it? Read on to find out.

A Boy and Father’s Football Dreams

Throwing a football around with your children is simply one of the greatest feelings in the world. It doesn’t have to be training, but rather it can be fun. In addition to spending great time with your friends and family, simply getting outdoors can be good for your health as well.

The American Football Risks and How To Avoid Them

Many people are naive to the sport of American football. That is simply because they have received some disinformation, or simply haven’t been the basics about the game. Taking the necessary precautions, and knowing the game and how to utilize the protective gear helps you greatly, and we will show you why.

Learning the Football Protective Gear

Many people are apprehensive of playing the sport of football, as well as many parents are apprehensive to letting their children play the sport of football and for good reason, they are concerned that is isn’t safe. Well, I am here to tell you that it is indeed safe, just as long as you take the necessary precautions before participating. I am talking about knowing and understanding all the protective equipment that you need in order to stay safe.

Comfortable Football Equipment Makes It Much Easier

Staying comfortable while playing and practicing football can indeed improve your play. You wouldn’t believe it, but it is true. Just think about how much you would be thinking about being uncomfortable, if you were, when you should be thinking about the actual game. It is proven that without this distraction, you can stay focused on the game and keep up with good football play.

Football Training Equipment and Why It Is So Important

Utilizing the proper football training equipment in the proper fashion is crucial to becoming a better player. Most don’t truly understand how to do these things while keeping themselves protected. This article is all about helping you understand much better how to do just that.

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