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Football Strength Training

Strength training for football is an artistic and scientific process. There are a lot of variables that must be considered. Players that serve different roles in the game need different training regimens. You have to do a little planning and take a structured approach to your strength training routines. Doing so will be greatly rewarding and bring out your inner champion!

Flag Football Domination – 10 Ways to Destroy Your Flag Football Opponents

I have good athletes on my team, why am I losing? Why is it our team is so disorganized? What are the best long plays to run? In this article, you will find 10 simple tips that will propel your game to the next level so you never have to watch the playoffs from outside the bracket again.

The Crazy Off Season For The St Louis Rams

In the NFL, the off season, because of free agency and draft, etc. can be in ways crazier than the mid-season. The St. Louis Rams have made several moves that will help them remove that 3-13 record from last year. But they made one move that could doom them.

NFL Network Offers Die Hard Football Fans Access to all the Action

The NFL Network gives fans the most football action then any other programming option. With live games along with replays and analysis, this channel provides 24/7 access to all things football. Now available in stunning HD, you feel more a part of the game then just a spectator.

5 Reasons Why The Cowboys Missed The Superbowl

First the Special Teams play needed to be much better. In order to be a true playoff team that is trying to make a run for the Super bowl your special teams play needed to have been a little bit better than average.

Brett Favre Was Good

Today I am 18 years and 331 days old. The last time Brett Favre wasn’t the Green Bay Packer’s quarterback? I was 3 years and 172 days old.

NY Giants – Coughlin Worth $20 Million

The New York Giants, off their Super Bowl triumph, knew that some key personnel would have to get paid. One such member, Head Coach of the Champion New York Giants, Tom Coughlin, is ready to roll with a brand new deal, to the tune of $20 mil. The New York Giants, with about a month left in the season, were probably not sure if they were even going to keep Tom Coughlin, much less grant him a Super Bowl-sized contract.

Brett Favre Retires From Bear Hunting

The Chicago Bears are cheering the retirement (supposed) of Brett Favre more than any other team in the NFL. Why? Because after 17 years, it has stopped being Chicago Bears hunting season in Green Bay.

Chicago Bears – Urlacher Trade?

The Chicago Bears are one conservative NFL team. Maybe it is their part of NFL history.

Football Training Tips

The key to great football training tips is to aim for well-roundedness of skill: solid with speed, power with agility, strength with endurance. For a football player, it’s not enough to be just fast or tough. He’s got to be fast and tough. However, striking the perfect balance is very achievable with proper training and taking care not to over train while in pursuit of your goals.

Now Former Giants, Head for Higher Ground

As of 12:01 am this morning the NFL’s free agency period as begun. By 3:45 pm, two Giants’ linebackers are now gone. That is the nature of free agency in the NFL.

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