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Green Bay Packers Head to Super Bowl on Back of Aaron Rodgers

The only “Monster of the Midway” on Sunday was Aaron Rodgers. He was far from at the top of his game, yet was much more efficient than any of the three quarterbacks the Bears deployed. Rodgers ran for a touchdown, and also made a touchdown-saving tackle along the way, to lead the Green Bay Packers to the Super Bowl with a 21-14 win against Chicago.

Jump Training Manuals – Are You Training Hard But Still Not Able to Jump Higher?

Have you been training hard lately to increase your vertical jumping abilities but not getting good results? Well I think it is time for you to do research and get to know these jump training manuals available online. We can’t deny that there are many reasons why an athlete would want to increase their vertical jump. One is you want to increase your full potential in the sports you play and increase your fitness level and strengthen your leg muscles to really jump high.

Footballs: Vital Aid in Sport Activities

Sports activities are played at national level. Rise of footballs and other balls manufacturers are on rise and they aim to provide amazing quality through their offerings.

NFL Football: Can Newton – Prospect Or Project?

Cam Newton certainly deserved to win the Heisman Trophy, and the national title, but how does he measure up as a possible NFL quarterback. Is he a “prospect” to make a difference right away, or a “project” who needs some work? What did his performance in the BCS title game show us? We discuss his physical attributes and what might make him special, and maybe not so special.

Manchester United Legends (Cantona, Best, Giggs)

There a number of players who made a name for themselves of the Manchester United however there are some remembered more than others. The following players are remembered as legends for both their football skills and in some cases their personalities both on and off the pitch. These guys have all entered the Manu history books for what they brought to the game at this prestige club.

Jets Back Up the Talk Against the Patriots

To some, Rex Ryan hasn’t put himself in a very positive light with his personalization of the last couple games. Calling out Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning, and later Patriots coach, Bill Bilichik.

The Importance of the Youth Football Playbook Is Overvalued

Far too many newbie coaches put far too much importance on the youth football playbook they choose to use. Many of these coaches are dads that relive their youth and choose a playbook far too complicated for the age level they are coaching.

The Miami Wildcat Formation in Pee Wee Football

Any readers of my previous articles know how I feel about coaches using offensive systems, or playbooks too complicated for little kids. I believe it is the number one mistake made by youth football coaches today.

Why the NFL Owners Must See Sense Before It’s Too Late

With Super Bowl XLV looming on the horizon its easy to forget that a major cloud hangs over the possibility of the 2011 season even being played come the fall. With players and owners at loggerheads over a new collective bargaining agreement it’s time the average Joe fan had their say. So here I layout just why I believe the NFL owners have lost sight of what makes the NFL great and just what is at stake in this giant game of chicken.

How to Pick the Right Football Trophy For Any Occasion?

A football trophy always represents more than what it costs. It is a symbol and a souvenir that is presented to those who pursue excellence and have excelled in it. In keeping with this spirit, one must go about choosing the right football trophy for a given event with lot of care.

5 Jumping Exercises to Increase Vertical Jump Fast

Have you ever wondered how world class athletes can jump high vertically? What is their secret? Being able to jump high can really improve you as a player in sports that involves jumping and with proper training of course. In this article we will learn 5 jumping exercises that can help increase your vertical jump fast.

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